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Box in the Woods
Shawano County Arts Fair
Shawano Folk Music Festival

July 12 – 14 & 19 – 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm

July 15 & 22, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Adult Tickets are $12 and Youth Tickets are $7

**Please read our ticket reservation policies below**

  • Tickets are now available here on our website by clicking on Buy Tickets at the top of the page.  It will take you to the Brown Paper Tickets website for you to order there. This system will let us know which day you will be attending.
  • Tickets are also available at the Shawano Chamber of Commerce or B&H Fashion Wear in Clintonville.
  • **If you have purchased tickets at one of our outlets, please ALSO call our phone number (at the top of this page) and let us know which day you will be coming.  This helps us know how many tickets we can sell at the door each day.

  • You can also call 715-526-2525 and leave a message to reserve tickets for your party.  If you reserve tickets on our answering system, you must arrive at the theatre to pick up your tickets 15 minutes before show time so we know how many other walk-in tickets can be sold.

Ticket Reservation Policy:

We have open seating at the Mielke, which means each ticket is not assigned to a particular numbered chair, but we will save you a seat if you have purchased a ticket AND have told us which performance you will be attending.  But because we have limited seating and it fills up quickly, if you have only reserved a ticket on our reservation line or not called in after purchasing a ticket at an outlet to tell us which day you will be attending (it’s hard to save you a seat when we don’t know when you’ll be there), we cannot save a seat for you any more than 15 minutes before show time.  At quarter-to-the-hour any reserved tickets not claimed/paid for will be released to any walk-in customers. 

Auditions for “Ice House”

July 15 & 16 at 6:30 pm

“Ice House” is a hilarious play written by Peter Bloedel, a Theatre Arts professor at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN.  “Ice House” is about 6 lifelong friends who all live in neighboring towns in Minnesota and love to go ice fishing together.  However, Oskar has moved to Florida to care for Ingrid and “the guys” are hatching a plan to get him home – to “Liberate the Viking!”  They have devised a plan to build the ice house of Oskar’s dreams – not just a little shack, but a HOUSE on the ice – complete with running water, a working toilet and a sauna – all while keeping it a secret from their wives.  There are mistaken identities, secret plots being hatched and men sneaking around at night to make clandestine phone calls to Florida.

If you’ve ever thought about getting involved with a play, this is a great opportunity!  This show calls for a number of characters:

Oskar Kristensen, man in his late fifties.

Arn Larsen, man in his late fifties.

Conrad Torvildstad, man in his late forties.

Lars Magnuson, a man in his early thirties.

Wilhelm Jorgenson, a man in his early thirties.

Erik Torvildstad, a man in his early twenties, Conrad & Sarah’s son.

Ingrid Kristensen, woman in her mid-fifties.

Helen Larsen, woman in her mid-fifties, Arn’s wife.

Sarah Torvildstad, woman in her mid-forties, Conrad’s wife.

Camilla Magnuson, a woman in her early thirties, Lars’ wife.

Rita Jorgenson, a woman in her early thirties, Wilhelm’s wife.

Michelle Steltzer, a woman in her early twenties, fiance of Erik.

Lenora Steltzer, woman in her mid-fifties, Michelle’s mother.

To audition, there is no need to prepare anything – just come to the Mielke at 6:30 either July 15th or 16th and read some lines with other auditioners.

Sunday, July 29th is the Annual Art & Craft Fair on the grounds of the Mielke Theatre. 

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Art & Craft Fair.  For more information or to become a vendor, click on the Art & Craft Fair icon at the top of the page.

August 10, 11 & 12 is the annual Shawano Folk Music Festival.

This is also a special year for the festival as it marks their 40th anniversary.  For more information, please click on the icon at the top of the page that says Shawano Folk Music Festival.

The week of August 20 – 25 is the annual Children’s Theatre Workshop. 

Joe Engels & Megan Lisowe are directors from the Actic Workshop in Appleton that will once again be running the workshop.  There will be further information posted here by July 10th – please check back again.

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